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With the lockdown in full force, many are turning into home chefs, trusting old traditional recipes and hacks to keep immunity in check to stay safe from the deadly coronavirus infection. Celebrities are no different.
While many Bollywood celebrities are sharing recipes and workout videos, actress Kangana Ranaut, who is currently spending time with her family in the hills is making use of her kitchen garden to eat fresh and live a holistic life.

Kangana’s sister, Rangoli Chandel, who has a massive following on Twitter recently shared a recipe of a green detox juice which Kangana made, procuring fresh produce from her garden. While the photos do look super fresh and gorgeous, what’s more, helpful is that the ingredients for this preparation are easily available anywhere!
Trust the greens!

Taking to Twitter, Rangoli, shared pictures of the fresh garden produce, which included celery, spinach and few traditional spices like turmeric, ginger, lemon and an orange. Captioning the pictures, she wrote,

” Sharing a recipe of detox green juice, Kangana has homegrown organic celery but we can also use cucumber instead as celery grows only in mountains…. this is the time to work on your health, please try this detox juice”

The detox smoothie does look super appetizing and is incredibly healthy too. If you have these ingredients handy, you can definitely give this a try. We tell you why.

Celery is not just a superfood, it has also been made famous by celebrities, including Hollywood’s fit and finest. The green stalky vegetable works as an excellent immunity booster and has rich antioxidants which protect the blood vessels and cells from any kind of oxidation or stress, which can happen when the immune system is compromised. Apart from it, celery also scores high on vitamin A, C, K, beta carotene and several other nutrients. Spinach, another major ingredient in this recipe is a super healthy source of iron and something we all have been asked by our elders to munch on! Healthy blood flow, recharged immune system ensure that your body can ward off infections from the root and fight them actively.

Apart from this, the drink also contains the goodness of spices like turmeric (haldi), which we all know is amazing for the body. The drink also scores high on vitamin-C, which is essential during such sensitive times. Cinnamon and salt add flavour to the drink, making it all the more yummy and nutritious.

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