Couple blown away when they discover a Roman bath under their floor

When Mark and Jenny Ronsman from Wisconsin moved into their new home three years ago, they were told that their new property has an unusual feature.

The 39-year-olds were told by the former owner that there was a Roman bath underneath the floorboards in one of the rooms.

The previous owners had enjoyed the tub years ago but when they got older had decided to board it up and turn the room into an office.

By the time Mark, an IT systems manager, and Jenny, a university professor, had come to move in, they were aware of the previous use of the room and were excited to explore it.

As soon as they moved in, the couple tore away the floorboards and discovered the stunning bath.

Though they were blown away by the striking blue design, Mark and Jenny never had the time to set it all up and enjoy the amenity.

But under a global lockdown, the couple, who have a five-year-old daughter, found the time to try to get the pool fixed.

Soon they’ll be able to enjoy lockdown from the soothing waters of their very own Roman bath.

They got some help from a hot tub professional, and now plan to replace at least one of the water pumps for energy efficiency reasons.

‘I was truly shocked and overjoyed that something so beautiful was in our house!’ Mark wrote online.

‘I was also truly grateful to discover the previous owners took such great care that what they did could be reversed.’

The previous owner, an elderly woman, had said she hoped the new owners would be a loving family and could enjoy the bath as her family once had.

Mark and his family were delighted to have the cool feature in their own home but had some concerns about their five-year-old falling in, so had to add an alarm.

‘Thankfully, the tub was in really great shape,’ Mark said.

‘The tile is absolutely beautiful. After tearing off the cover, I then had to chip away all of the leveling material they used around the edges of the tub. Next, I put a new coat of sealant on the stone floors.

‘After that, we spent hours upon hours getting all of the grout whitened and the tub sanitised. We also had to put weather stripping on all the doorways to better seal in the air.

‘Finally, we added a security system so that an alarm will go off if someone enters the room without deactivating it. We have a small child and never wanted to have to worry about her falling in unsupervised.’

The bath is truly beautiful. What a lucky family.

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