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01/5Here’s how you can cut your hair at home

With the lockdown now extended, there is now another long wait of 18 days before you will be able to go to your nearest salon to get your hair done. Given this, many are trying to cut their hair at home. However, it might not be the easiest thing to do. Cutting your hair is not as straight forward at it seems. Therefore, before you begin to cut your hair and maybe fail in the process, here are a few tips that you should have to keep in mind.

02/5Learn to trim your hair first

It would be best to avoid a full haircut, if possible. It is difficult to get the back of the hair and blend a face frame. Instead, learn to give yourself a trim first. However, even when you begin trimming, you need to find the right tools. You will want a wide-toothed comb when you are trimming your hair. Angle the scissors vertically to make your snips and make small diagonal cuts instead of cutting straight.

  • · For longer hair, split your hair down the middle for ease. For a trim, you might want to a few centimetres only when you do it for the first time.
  • · For shorter hair, you may even use a razor if you wish for an uneven messy cut.
  • · It is most difficult to trim bangs. Side-swept bangs are cut in a triangle like sections. Take a little triangle section from the middle and twist the hair. Point cut in an upward direction so that the bangs get a softer shape.

03/5Make sure you section your hair

Sectioning your hair is one of the most important steps when you are looking to cut your hair. Section your hair from the front and back and spilt the back section into two more sections. Remember to split your hair from ear to ear. The reason for dividing the hair into so many sections is that it is easier to manage smaller chunks of hair. Make sure you cut the same amount in each section. Start from the bottom section and make your way to the top of the head.

04/5Take extra care of your fringe

Even if you do not give yourself a full haircut, you will want to keep your fringe in check. It gets annoying when stray hairs tend to irritate your eyes. Make sure you blow-dry your fringe before you begin cutting them. It is important that you cut your fringe in dry hair. If your hair is wet, they will bounce back and make the fringe look shorter than you intended. Cut only half a centimetre at a time.

05/5Use the right tools

Nothing can cause your haircut to go wrong more than using the wrong tools. Use the thinnest scissors you can find so you have control over the amount of hair you cut. It is also important to style your hair properly and give a good check before you finalize your cut. Do not shy away from making the necessary adjustments required.

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